If you’re seeking…

> a spiritual practice that helps you feel more connected to the Universe, nature, and your everyday life  

> to learn how to use magick in a way that helps you create the results you want 

(whether it’s attracting more money, that perfect partner, or your dream apartment)  

> a deeper relationship with spirit, your guides, and your own intuition  

> to grow in your natural psychic abilities and be guided through life by your most authentic self  

Welcome to the Revolution...

The Revolutionary Witch Academy is a self-paced course to help you reconnect with your most authentic self so you can create an intuitively guided life based on your true soul desires and learn how to create positive change through the use of magick and ritual.

You'll learn how to awaken your most intuitive, powerful self, release any shame or guilt associated with past lives as a witch or from religious programming, and learn how to make magick a part of your everyday life.  

"I wanted to take the time and tell you how much the Revolutionary Witch Academy changed my life. Not only to manifest my dreams, but also help to control and understand my destiny, and to help others. Even when times were really tough to know how to connect with the spirits, gods, goddesses, and all of those in-between literally saved my sanity. This community is so supportive and empowering. If I could go back I would take your class 10000% over again."

- GiAnna Weller

Magick and witchcraft have become a way of life for me. ⁣

A way to feel more grounded.⁣

More connected.⁣

More in touch with my inner truth and purpose. ⁣

But it used to feel like really hard work. ⁣

I'd spend hours pouring over books learning how to do things properly. ⁣

From spellwork and divination to energy work. ⁣

It was when I let go that things started to flow and everything became easier. ⁣

My psychic abilities became stronger.⁣

I was able to connect with spirits at any time. ⁣

And casting spells became less about using the right ingredients and more about focusing and directing my energy towards my intentions. ⁣

This is the kind of practice I used to crave. ⁣

Where magick was simply a way of life. ⁣

And it took me years to remember how natural it gets to be. ⁣

In the Revolutionary Witch Academy, I'm teaching you how to create the same kind of magick for yourself. ⁣

A spiritual practice that feels authentic to you.⁣

Being able to connect more deeply with your intuition and allow your psychic gifts to naturally grow stronger.⁣

To be able to walk between the worlds effortlessly.⁣

So you can live your life as a witch in a practical way. ⁣

This is about remembering who you are. ⁣

And what you're already capable of.

Inside the Revolutionary Witch Academy, you'll receive in-depth video trainings covering the following topics:


> Connect with your inner witch and receive guidance from her whenever you need direction or advice  

> Gain clarity on your soul desires and set big witchy goals for your spellwork  

> Learn the power of visualization can help you manifest what you desire in your life, business, and relationships


> Explore and amplify your intuitive abilities by learning how you receive psychic messages

> Use divination tools for guidance and self-reflection

> Learn how to channel energy and direct it into your spellwork  

> Clear your energy and raise your vibration with spiritual cleansing  


> Learn the process I’ve used to manifest money, relationships, grow my business and create a magickal af life

> Embody the energy of what you’re manifesting so what you desire shows up easier and faster  

> Learn how magick works and choosing the type of magick that will help you reach your goals  


> Create your own spells using things you already have at home

> Set up your home altar, creating sacred space, and magickal record keeping

> BONUS training: Using sigils and sex magick to manifest your desires



> Connect with your guides, angels, ancestors, and spirits to receive assistance from the spirit realm

> Work with the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit to balance your energy and to help manifest your goals 

> BONUS training: Luciferian Witchcraft and Demonolatry ( a breakdown of exactly what I do in my personal practice )



> Clear negative beliefs and re-code yourself with positive thoughts that support your goals and vision

> Shift your identity to manifest easier and faster

> Develop daily practices to make everyday magickal af  

"The Revolutionary Witch Academy has been life-changing for me. I had been craving a spiritual connection for many years when I met with a psychic/medium in May and she graciously helped me unearth pieces about myself I had buried for a long time.

This led me to find Kelly Dawn and the RWA opportunity arose and after a little hesitation, I pounced. The lessons were dense but allowed for space to learn and apply them during our six weeks and beyond. Since this experience, I have felt huge personal shifts and up-leveling in my life. I am able to speak with my spirit guides and walk with goddesses.

I find goddess energy in others as I walk through the world and this has led to weekly encounters with strangers that are magical. I have cast spells and practiced rituals from that inner place of knowing with confidence and alignment. I have learned so much and this program helped me quickly shift from the studious place I love and can get stuck into the intuitive creating space where I need to be to create shifts in my life. I still face challenges in life yet the difference is I have changed when facing those challenges.

I have tools for shifting my energy, magical approaches to the challenge at hand, and aligned action to take. I look forward to continuing to grow in my practice and am forever thankful for the foundation the RWA created for me and the wonderful women I interacted within the program that I know are out there creating their own magical lives - a truly happy thought!"

-Kiana Siefkas

** The material in this course was recorded during a live round of the program and does not include the FB group support or group coaching calls**



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